Denys Fisher's 1971 Haunted House game
is the UK version of the US game named Which Witch sold in 1970.
Toltoys manufactured the game for Australia.

The parts lists of the three games are identical.

The parts list below features photos of Denys Fisher's 1971 Haunted House.

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Haunted House games from Denys Fisher that are complete or nearly-complete.
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The Complete Parts Inventory
A - The Base Playing Board (inside the box)L - Bucket for Secret Panel
B - Broom Room WallM - Back Brace for Loose Floor
C - Spell Cell WallN - Broom
D - Chimney/Stairway Wall
(with landing post still attached)
O - Edge Clips (4)
E - Secret PanelP - Ghoulish Gerty Cards (19)
F - Loose FloorQ - Glenda the Good Cards (8)
G - Chimney BaffleR - Wanda the Wicked Cards (5)
H - StairsS - Four Playing Pieces (2 boys and 2 girls)
I - Chimney CapT - Metal Ball
J - LandingU - Die
K - Broom Axle (with tiny tab on the thin end) V - Mice (4)
The original cardboard frames for each wall are in the picture.
Although they're not necessary for game-play, they are the mark of a truly complete game.

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