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The 1962 Haunted House game made by the IDEAL toy company is unique in many ways,
but most importantly it is one of the only board games in history that's played vertically!

The object of the game is make your way thru the haunted house, get the treasure, and escape.
Along the way you'll encounter "weird obstacles", mystery messages, trap doors, spooks behind
closed doors, and a ruby jewel in the attic.

The game includes an owl spinner that gives out a loud "HOOOT!" when you crank the lever down.
It doesn't use batteries!
A cardboard (non-hooting) owl spinner was included in a version of the game, and
another version left out the cardboard stand that displays the game and owl together.

Scroll down for the parts list and links to the rules.

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The Haunted House... 14 inches high and 17 inches wide at its longest points.

The List of Parts
A - Playing Pegs (4):
Blue, Green, Yellow, Red or White, and sometimes Yellowey-Clear
B - Metal "legs" stands (2)
C - JewelD - Owl spinner
E - Haunted House with all doors still attachedF - Rules pamphlet
G - Leg insertion instruction pageH - Cardboard stand

The Rules Pamphlet
Click here to see the cover page and back page "Secret Route" map
E-mail me about page 2
Click here to see page 3

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