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Dark Tower's Rules and Instructions
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Dark Tower Parts
The Tower Cardboard Game Board (2 parts)
Battery Cover Turn Pad
4 Brown Buildings 4 Green/Grey Buildings
4 Yellow Buildings 4 Tan Buildings
4 Warrior Pawns Dragon Pawn with tongue, base, and tail
12 Plastic "Keys":
4 Brass colored,
4 Silver colored,
4 Gold colored
5 Flags with poles unbroken
42 Red Pegs 4 Corner Protectors unbroken
4 Cardboard Inventory/
Score Charts
4 Cardboard Pegasus Tokens
1 Booklet The Game's Box: measures
19 3/4"L x12 1/2"W x7"D
Warranty Card 3 Cardboard Inserts forming a "tower cradle"
List provided by
Replacement Bulb,
Tube, Instructions


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